Stacy’s Juicebar was created out of a desire to make healthy food and beverage choices accessible to our community. It may be as simple as a smoothie for breakfast, juice for an afternoon snack, kale salad or quinoa for lunch.

Our foods are made fresh daily using “better for you” ingredients. We make almost everything from scratch; including our salad dressings, soups, hummus and quinoa. We bake our own breads, cookies, brownies and muffins. We use fresh tomatoes and beans, never canned (we don’t even own a can opener!), and we avoid artificial ingredients, preservatives or refined sugars or flours in our store.

“We make it simple for you to make healthy choices.”

Stacy’s Juicebar is the passion project of Stacy Madison, Founder of Stacy’s Pita Chip Company… a company that revolutionized the concept that you didn’t have to sacrifice taste to enjoy healthier (baked, instead of fried) snacks.

Stacy has been a veteran of the health food industry since 1996. Now, in 2015, that same desire to make healthy choices easy, lives on at Stacy’s Juicebar!

In 2006, just 9 years after its inception and growth into a nationally recognized brand, the pita chip company was acquired by Pepsi as a product to enhance the health and wellness snack division of Frito Lay. After several years of traveling and working with other food companies, Stacy wanted to focus on building something local. Thus, Stacy’s Juicebar was born and it’s been a fun and delicious journey ever since.

“This is the first business, since the pita chip company, that I have put my name on. I wanted something that was close to home, fit my lifestyle, and a hands-on business where my kids could learn the importance of hard work and wholesome food.” – Stacy Madison

Stacy Madison, Founder

Stacy Madison, Founder of Stacy’s Pita Chip Company and now Stacy’s Juicebar, has helped build numerous natural food and beverage brands. She has board roles at The Chia Company, Peeled Snacks and Evolution Juice (prior to the sale to Starbucks). In 1999 Stacy was honored with an invitation to The White House as an example of a small business success story. She is a healthy lifestyle enthusiast, an avid consumer of juices and fresh, nourishing food and simply wants to make healthy snack and beverage options accessible to the community.

Rachel Mastine, Kitchen Manager

Rachel is a longtime vegetarian who started eating meat as long as it is organically and ethically raised. She enjoys foods that really have depth of flavor and believes science and cooking go hand in hand. Rachel has a bachelor’s degree in Biology and years of experience cooking and running restaurant kitchens. She finds it exciting and challenging to take raw materials and manipulate these with elements such as heat and spice to create something completely new but maintaining the integrity of its original form.

“My favorite items to make at the juicebar are hummus and dressings for our salads and quinoa. I love being able to interact with customers, get their feedback and suggestions and then take creative liberty to make those ideas come to life!”